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The Expression levels of TXNIP have contributed to controlling the malignancy of cancer
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Thioredoxin interacting protein (TXNIP), belongs to one of the Thioredoxin (TRX) binding protein , and it contains class inhibitory protein N and C terminal, and a disulfide bond is formed between the Cys-63 and Cys-247 molecules. The disulfide bond combines with the active part of the TRX , thus inhibiting the activity of TRX , participating in a series of oxidative stress reactions in the body, promoting cell's growth and inducing apoptosis, but also it has a variety of biological functions.


                                                                                           Figure 1. The action mechanism between TXNIP and TRX

Recent studies have shown that TXNIP has a close relationship with tumors, and researchers have demonstrated in different ways that the expression of TXNIP in many important human tumor tissues is reduced or absent. And in some cancer cells, the expression of TXNIP increases and the cell cycle stops, and the growth is slow. In clinical studies, the expression of TXNIP was decreased with the increase of malignancy of cancer grade or gastric cancer and bladder cancer. This shows that the expression level of TXNIP can help to control the malignancy of cancer. The expression of TXNIP is related to the occurrence of tumor.

TXNIP research in recent years has become the important target in the treatment of tumor diseases. In order to make the meaning of the research on human disease has breakthrough, Wuhan EIAab research staff successfully developed the research and development human TXNIP Elisa kit. Welcome the masses of scientific research personnel of choose and buy.

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