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Removal of aging glial cells is expected to treat Alzheimer disease
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    In a new study, aging cells accumulate in their brains before cognitive loss in the mouse model of brain disease. By preventing the accumulation of these aging cells, they are able to reduce tau protein aggregation, neuronal death and memory loss. The relevant research results are published online in Nature, and the title of the paper is "Clearance of senescent glial cells preventing tau-dependent pathology and cognitive decline".

    It is known that senescent cells accumulate in sites associated with aging diseases (including osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis) and neurodegenerative diseases (including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease) as the natural age grows. In previous studies, we have found that clearing senescent cells from naturally aged mice prolongs their healthy lifespan.

    In this new study, the mouse model of Alzheimer's disease produces sticky, spider-like tau tangles in their neurons, and their genetically modified senescent cells can be eliminated. When senescent cells were removed, the researchers found that the diseased mice maintained the ability to form memory and eliminate signs of inflammation, did not produce neurofibrillary tangles, and maintained normal brain quality. They also reported that drug interventions that remove senescent cells can regulate the accumulation of tau.

    In addition, the research team was able to identify specific cell types that are senescent. When the brain tissue was observed under a microscope, they found two different types of brain cells called microglia and astrocytes to age. These cells are important proponents of neuronal health and signaling, so it makes sense that aging of any of these cells can have a negative impact on neuronal health.

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