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The anti-osteoporotic and anti-atherogenic effects of alendronate and simvastatin in ovariectomized rats fed high fat diet: A comparative study of com
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Aim: Epidemiological studies suggest a possible link between osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Mevalonate pathway was pointed to as a part of this link. This study was done to investigate the effects of Alendronate (Al) and Simvastatin (Sim), both act on the mevalonate pathway, on osteoporosis, dyslipidemia and atherosclerotic changes in ovariectomized (OVX) rats fed high fat diet (HFD). Main methods: 60 female albino rats were equally divided into 5 groups: control sham, OVX-HFD untreated, OVX HFD treated with Al (3 mg/kg/d) or/and Sim (6 mg/kg/d). Treatments were taken for 4 weeks by oral gavage and were started 8 weeks after ovariectomy. Results: OVX-HFD untreated group exhibited a significant negative alteration in lipid profile and on different bone markers e.g. alkaline phosphatase, hydroxyproline and osteocalcin. A significant increase in body weights and on serum levels of TNFa, iNOS and leptin were also found compared to control sham group. Vascular reactivity studies revealed a significant decrease in effective concentration 50 of phenylephrine and in acetylcholine% of relaxation and a significant increase in maximum contractile response of phenylephrine. The atherosclerotic and osteoporotic changes were further confirmed histopathologically. Treatment of OVX-HFD with Al or/and Sim significantly improved these deleterious effects compared to OVX-HFD untreated group. Comparing the combination therapy versus the monotherapy exhibited a significant improvement in different tested parameters which came in favor of the combination therapy. Conclusion: Al and Sim have anti-osteoporotic, anti-dyslipidemic and anti-atherosclerotic beneficial effects. Their combination has more promising effects in treatment of osteoporosis, dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis.

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Source:Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy      by MT Mohamed, S A. Abuelezz, SS Atalla, et al.
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