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Expression of the hGM-CSF in the silk glands of germline of gene-targeted silkworm
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To express human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (hGM-CSF) gene in the silk glands of transformation silkworm (Bombyx mori) based on gene-targeting, two fragments from fibroin heavy chain gene (fib-H) of silkworm were cloned and sequenced. One fragment contains the 1st exon and its downstream 1st intron’s partial sequence; and the other fragment contains the 1st intron’s partial sequence and the 2nd exon’s partial sequence. Then the two fragments, as homologous arm, were inserted into pSK to generate a gene-targeted vector, pSK-HL-A3GFP-FLP-GM-CSF-FLPA-HR in which a gfp gene driven by A3 promoter and an hGM-CSF gene under the control of fibroin light chain (fib-L) promoter were included. The vector was transferred into the silkworm eggs using sperm-mediated gene transfer. After being screened for green fluorescent, the transformation silkworm was obtained, whose genome was verified by PCR and dot hybridization to confirm whether the target genes had been integrated into the silkworm genome. Furthermore, in the posterior silk glands of the G4 generation transformation silkworms, a specific band with the molecular weight of 22 kDa could be detected by Western blotting with an antibody against hGM-CSF, and the expression level of the hGM-CSF estimated by ELISA was approximately 1.26 ng per gram fresh posterior silk gland.

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Source:Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications      by Yanmei Li , Guangli Cao , Huimei Chen , Haifang Jia , Renyu Xue, Chengliang Gong
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