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Quercetin Protects against Cadmium-Induced Renal Uric Acid Transport System Alteration and Lipid Metabolism Disorder in Rats
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Hyperuricemia and dyslipidemia are involved in Cd nephrotoxicity. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of quercetin, a dietary flavonoid with anti-hyperuricemic and anti-dyslipidemic properties, on the alteration of renal UA transport system and disorder of renal lipid accumulation in 3 and 6 mg/kg Cd-exposed rats for 4 weeks. Cd exposure induced hyperuricemia with renal XOR hyperactivity and UA excretion dysfunction in rats. Simultaneously, abnormal expression levels of renal UA transport-related proteins including RST, OAT1, MRP4 and ABCG2 were observed in Cd-exposed rats with inhibitory activity of renal Na+-K+-ATPase. Furthermore, Cd exposure disturbed lipid metabolism with down-regulation of AMPK and its downstream targets PPARα, OCTN2 and CPT1 expressions, and up-regulation of PGC-1β and SREBP-1 expressions in renal cortex of rats. We had proved that Cd-induced disorder of renal UA transport and production system might have cross-talking with renal AMPK-PPARα/PGC-1β signal pathway impairment, contributing to Cd nephrotoxicity of rats. Quercetin was found to be effective against Cd-induced dysexpression of RST and OAT1 with XOR hyperactivity and impairment of AMPK-PPARα/PGC-1β signal pathway, resulting in renal lipid accumulation reduction of rats.

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Source:Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine      by J Wang, Y Pan, Y Hong, et al.
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