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Comparison of sildenafil with strontium fructose diphosphate in improving erectile dysfunction against upregulated cavernosal NADPH oxidase, protein…
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Objectives Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors are potent in relieving erectile dysfunction (ED), however, they are less satisfactory in diabetic patients, probably due to the pro-inflammatory biomarkers caused by diabetes. Therefore, it was interesting to compare the effects of sildenafil with strontium fructose 1,6-diphosphate (FDP-Sr) on cavernosal vascular activity and expressions of pro-inflammatory biomarkers in diabetic rats.

Methods Male Sprague-Dawley rats were injected with streptozocin (60 mg/kg,i.p.) to develop diabetes. The animals were diabetic for eight weeks with sildenafil(12 mg/kg per day) or FDP-Sr (200 mg/kg per day) being administered for the last four of those eight weeks. Key findings Sildenafil was more effective in relieving reduced vascular dilatation(relevant to ED), but less in attenuating over-expressions of NADPH oxidase p22,p47 and p67 subunits, and ETA/BR (endothelin receptor type A and type B) in the diabetic cavernosum. In contrast, FDP-Sr was less effective in improving ED, but more effective in normalizing the abnormal NADPH oxidase and ETA/BR. Conclusions The activated NADPH oxidase and upregulated ETAR and ETBR due to diabetic lesions played a minor or moderate role in ED. By offering extra ATP, FPD-Sr suppressed these abnormalities, however, sildenafil did not. A combined therapy of sildenafil with FDP-Sr may be more effective in relieving ED in diabetic patients through normalizing pro-inflammatory cytokines and improving the nitric oxide/cGMP pathway in the cavernosum.

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Source:Journal of Pharmacy And Pharmacology      by Ming Xua, Yi-Qun Tanga, De-Zai Daia, Yu-Feng Zhenga, Yu-Si Chenga, Qi Zhangb and Yin Daia
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