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Posted by thomas on 2015-12-03 21:52:30

TP53一inducedglycolysis and apoptosis regulator gene,TIGAR

is p53 target genes regulating mitochondrial respiration and through a series of pathways mediated differentiation of tumor cells, is closely related to the development of a variety of solid tumors.

 TIGAR high expression enhanced the role of pentose phosphate pathway, NADPH increased , inhibitioned apoptosis , which conducived to tumor cell growth. TIGAR is described as a new protein can be induced by P53 regulating glycolysis and antioxidant effects。Because TIGAR as P53-dependent survival signals, is the cells DNA must which obtained opportunity repair process, therefore TIGA R has become the recent focus。TIGAR has two sides in solid tumors, on the one hand, TIGAR is activated to slow the life processes of all cells for repairing of damaged cells provides a time guarantee; on the other hand , the activated of TIGAR which originally to prevent further damage to the cells of the body can also lead role cancerous . All those make the TIGAR as a potential therapeutic target becomes possible.

Wuhan EIAab Science Co.,Ltd is strong in technology, product, dedicated to provide quality and reliable for all users of products. The TIGAR ELISA Kit for human (Cat No.E5948h) is high sensitivity and specificity.



Posted by wangc on 2014-10-08 23:52:16


Betatrophin, specifically expressed in liver and adipose tissue, is a 198-AA protein that considered as the active component for the treatment of diabetes presently.


The gene was found and submitted to the GeneBank database in 2004. It’s also called hepatocellular carcinoma-associated TD 26, for it is related to the occurrence and progress of hepatocellular carcinoma.


It is also as known as lipasin, angiopoietin-like protein 8, C19orf80 (human), refeeding-induced fat and liver protein, Gm6484 (mouse), which is a novel nutritionally regulated liver-enriched factor, plays a vital role in adipocyte function and/or regulating lipid metabolism. However, it’s not a direct inhibition of lipoprotein lipase activity, but activated ANGPTL3 by promoting hepatocyte ANGPTL3 cracking to regulate blood lipid. 


Betatrophin can obviously promote pancreatic β cell proliferation and did not induce insulin resistance. In type 2 diabetic patients, betatrophin levels are increased when compared to age, gender, and BMI (Body mass index) matched controls with similar degree of insulin resistance, and show positively correlated glucose and insulin levels.


Wuhan EIAab Science Co.,Ltd is strong in technology, product, dedicated to provide quality and reliable for all users of products. The Betatrophin ELISA Kit for human (Cat No.E11644h) and mouse (Cat No.E11644m) can be used to detect the target protein level in samples with high sensitivity and specificity. A lot of these kits have been sold, and been the vast number of customer recognition and praise, the citations may be the best proof ( Moreover, the human Betatrophin ELISA Kit has also been validated by the third party (http://www.eiaa......

Validation Report

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Chromosome 19 Open Reading Frame 80 (C19ORF80) ELISA Kit (ABIN1136417) has been independently validated for ELISA by the Science Exchange network of experts.

The Science Exchange network is used to independently validate research reagents, protocols, and results to ensure accuracy and reproducibility.

Validation number: #029581

Validated on: 01/25/14



Human Chromosome 19 Open Reading Frame 80 (C19ORF80)

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Supplier catalog number


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Method validated

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

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