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Anti-aging molecule contained in blood vessels - β-hydroxybutyric acid
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A study led by Georgia State University showed beta-hydroxybutyrate produced during fasting or calorie restriction. It has an anti-aging effect on the vascular system, which can reduce and alleviate blood vessel-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease.
A small molecule of β-hydroxybutyrate is a kind of ketone body (or a water-soluble molecule containing a ketone group) which is produced from fatty acids in the liver under the following condtions: low food intake and carbohydrates, starvation and long-term intense exercise. β-hydroxybutyric acid can delay vascular aging by endothelial cells arranged on the inner surface of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. It can block a type of aging called senescence or cellular aging, where cells have function but exit the cell cycle.
The aging cells can no longer divide. The researchers found that beta-hydroxybutyrate promotes cell division and prevents these cells from aging. Because this molecule is produced during calorie restriction or fasting, when people overeating or becoming obese, the molecule may be inhibited, which will accelerate aging.
In addition, the researchers found that when β-hydroxybutyric acid binds to specific RNA-binding proteins, it increases the activity of the transcription factor Oct4 (Octamer-binding transcriptional factor) in mouse vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells. OCT4 increases a key factor against DNA damage-induced aging and keeps blood vessels younger.
This stem cell factor (OCT4) may be a drug or pharmacological target for slowing or preventing aging. If the vascular system becomes younger, it is less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and cancer, as all of these diseases are associated with aging.
In the future, researchers hope to target aging cells in order to eliminate them and restore the vascular system to prevent cardiovascular disease.
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β-hydroxybutyric acid

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