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"Key genes" that affect women ovulation and conception
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Chinese scientist published Oocyte stage-specific effects of MTOR determine granulosa cell fate and oocyte quality in mice on PNAS. The study found that a gene called mtor plays a decisive role in whether women can discharge normal healthy ovum. According to the authors, the mtor gene can "produce" a key factor, MTOR, responsible for maintaining nutrient and stress-induced signaling pathways.

The researchers tried to knock out the mtor gene at various stages of follicular development in the female and found that the female could not excrete a healthy ovum once the MTOR pathway was inactivated which will lead to infertility.

Is there a way to prevent it? The findings may be disappointing. The author said, "Because the mtor gene has already played a decisive role before the woman was born." The authors suggest that women of childbearing age should maintain a reasonable and healthy diet and lifestyle, exercise properly and avoid overstimulation and stress to maintain the MTOR pathway in its best activity.

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