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ECTO-NOX family comprise NADPH oxidases of plants and animals exhibiting both oxidative and protein disulfide isomerase-......

Sun, 13 Nov, 2016


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  • To investigate the role of the FasFas ligand FasFasL system in testicular toxicity induced by epirub......

    by J Geng, J Fan, H Jiang, et al.
  • Abstract Galectin-3 is a multifunctional -galactoside-binding protein which has been shown to pla......

    by X Zhou, J Jing, W Mao, et al.
  • Abstract Objectives A novel compound 4,4-diphenylmethane-bismethyl carbamateCM1 was shown to posses......

    by Feng L, Zhu M, Bu W, et al.
  • Background: Glucocorticoids GCs play a key role in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis SAR. ......

    by Hui Wang, Johan Gottfries, Fredrik Barren?s, Mikael Benson
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