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  • Disposable amperometric magnetoimmunosensor for the sensitive detection of the cardiac biomarker a......

    by Berta Esteban-Fernández de ávila , Vanessa Escamilla-Gómez , Susana Campuzano , María Pedrero , José M. Pingarrón,
  • Background The pathogenesis and progression of acute liver failure ALF are closely associated with ......

    by LK Wang, LW Wang, X Li, et al.
  • ABSTRACT: We investigated the effect of garlic oil GO, alone or combined with low dose total body ga......

    by RR Rashed, MA El-Ghazaly, SA Kenawy.
  • Sterol regulatory element-binding proteins SREBPs are major transcription factors activating the exp......

    by Jing-Jie Tang, Jia-Gui Li, Wei Qi, Wen-Wei Qiu, Pei-Shan Li, Bo-Liang Li, Bao-Liang Song
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