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  • Abstract Background.Heat shock proteins Hsp were discovered over 50 years ago and are commonly ......

    by L Nowak-Los, et al.
  • Abstract Protease-activated receptor-1 PAR-1 has a significant role in the pathogenesis of various ......

    by Tas F, Karabulut S, Tastekin D, et al.
  • 摘要 目的 通过探讨木香对溃疡性结肠炎ulcerative colitis, UC大鼠的干预作用机制, 阐释胃肠安丸"芳香化浊"药物作用靶点. 方法 清洁级Wistar♂大鼠40只随机分为4组, ......

    by 刘海荣, 马露, 唐方, 张勇, 杨瑾
  • The Arg59Trp variant in ANGPTL8 betatrophin is associated with total and HDL-cholesterol in American......

    by Hanson R L, Leti F, Tsinajinnie D, et al.
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