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  • Abstract One-third of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment often display symptoms of d......

    by N F. Abdelkader, M A. Saad, R M. Abdelsalam.
  • 摘要: 研究花生过敏状态下的 C57BL6 小鼠腹腔肥大细胞的激活与钙离子通道之间的内在联系, 以及探讨肥大细胞钙离子通道与 ROSreactive oxygen species之间的关系. 18 只......

    by 杨成彬, 闫浩, 刘晓宇,et al.
  • The present study aimed to evaluate the possible cardioprotective effects of QI-SHEN-YI-QIQSYQ throu......

    by Ling Zhang, Yi Wang, Lingyan Yu, Li Liu, Haibin Qu, Yi Wang, Xiumei Gao, Boli Zhang, Yiyu Cheng
  • Abstract Cisplatin is commonly prescribed for the treatment of various solid tumors but its use is ......

    by M M.Elseweidy, S E.Elswefy, M Shawky, et al.
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