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Scientists have discovered a protein that is resistant to heart aging
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    Recently, an article named Preserved cardiac function by vinculin enhances glucose oxidation and extends health- and life-span was published in the journal AIP. The researchers found that using genetic engineering technology to improve the level of a protein in drosophila can keep its cardiomyocytes viable and have a long lifespan extend. This study provides new clues for exploring the relationship between heart function, metabolism, and longevity.

    This protein called vinculin, helps cells stick together and acts like a mortar for construction. The heart of many animals increases the production of focal adhesion protein during aging, helping to maintain myocardial structure and delay the decline of heart function.

    The researchers developed a drosophila with multiple copies of the focal adhesion protein gene, which increased the production of focal adhesion protein in cardiomyocytes by 50%. The results showed that these transgenic drosophilae were particularly active, exercise-enhancing, and lived for up to 9 weeks, while common drosophila usually only lives for 6 weeks.

    These transgenic drosophilae also metabolizes glucose faster, which means that high levels of focal adhesion protein can increase the body's efficiency in absorbing nutrients. The researchers used toxic chemicals to interfere with the energy supply of cardiomyocytes and found that transgenic drosophila were much more tolerant than normal drosophila.

    The researchers said that they hope that their work in the future will bring about drugs that help humans improve the expression of focal adhesion protein and help treat heart failure.

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