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Antibodies-online distribution

Posted by thomas on 2015-12-03 20:21:02

300 + new antibodies available immediately at antibodies-online

We’re pleased to announce our partner Antibodies-online, agree to distribute more than 300 novel, high-quality primary and secondary antibodies.

Our antibodies cover an exceptionally broad variety of antigenic targets and are useful for tools for investigating diverse research interests.

See more our antibodies or Elisa kits, here


Learn to shine! An introduction of    our antibody 

Rabbit Anti-Human α-Actinin Antibody

Catalog Number: P0376Rb-h

Immunogen: Syntheticpeptide-KLH

Ig type: rabbit IgG



Western blot analysis of α-actinin expression in A-673 (A) and SJRH30 (B) whole cell lysates and rat skeletal muscle extract (C).



Immunofluorescence staining of methanol-fixed A-673 cells showing cytoplasmic staining.


Immunoperoxidase staining of formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded human spleen tissue showing cytoplasmic and nuclear staining of cells in red pulp.


Posted by leecky on 2013-10-30 03:45:15

Antibodies-online vist EIAab

Posted by leecky on 2013-10-20 22:30:12

Antibodies-online vist EIAab Company
On October 11th, EIAab warmly welcomed the visit of our Germany agent--- antibodies-online GmbH, President Dr. Andreas kessell, Marketing director Philippe Eckerle, Administrative Jane Kolbert and China reginal director Gang Han. The two sides launched a cordial and friendly negotiation and business exchange. While reached agreements on building ELAab into an international brand in ELISA KIT scientific research industry, recommending to establish an international third-party quality certification authority of laboratory jointly and coming out a way of INDEPENDENT VALIDATION's endorsement, the two sides provided a best 48h solutions for problems on delayed after-sales services because of jet lag and long time consuming problem of experiment review.     


                                                   Reported by EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN on October 14th,2013

peers all over the world

Posted by dw on 2010-08-19 14:09:56

Organization Chart of EIAab

Posted by leecky on 2010-07-21 07:09:45

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