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NgR expression in macrophages promotes nerve regeneration after spinal cord injury in rats
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Objective This study aimed to investigate the expression of Nogo-66 receptor (NgR) in macrophages after SCI and clarify its role in neuron regeneration. Methods Macrophages harvested from injured spine cord of rats were stained by double immunoXuorescence labeling technique to observe the expression of NgR at histological and cellular levels. Macrophages which expressed NgR were constructed in vitro, and then the eVects of NgR on macrophage phagocytosis and neuraxon regeneration in three groups (NgR-macrophages group, mock group and normal macrophages group) were studied using Western blot, micro-MTT colorimetry, and LDH assay separately. Results The results showed that CD68-positive macrophages in injured tissue of spine cord expressed NgR after double immunoXuorescence staining on day 7 after SCI, and so did macrophages isolated and cultured from the injured spine cord. The results of Western blot showed that phagocytosis of macrophages in NgR-macrophages group was much better than that in mock group and normal macrophage group (p < 0.05). And the results of Micro-MTT colorimetry and LDH assay indicated that the capacity of neuraxon regeneration in NgR-macrophages group was signiWcantly higher than that in the other two groups (p < 0.05). Conclusions The results suggested that there was NgR expressing in the inWltrated macrophages following SCI,which increased phagocytosis of the macrophages, and promoted post-SCI CNS regeneration in vitro.

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Source:Arch Orthop Trauma Surg      by Zhuangchen Zhu · Bin Ni · Guodong Yin ·Fengjin Zhou · Jun Liu · Qunfeng Guo · Xiang Guo
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