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A Lectin Receptor Kinase Positively Regulates ABA Response During Seed Germination and Is Involved in Salt and Osmotic Stress Response
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ectin receptor-like kinases (LecRK) are widespread in higher plants; however, little is known about their physiological roles. In this study, At1g70130 (designated LecRK-b2), an Arabidopsis LecRK gene, has been investigated. LecRK-b2 was predominantly expressed during seed germination, and its expression was ceased following germination. The expression of LecRK-b2 was induced by abscisic acid (ABA), salt, and osmotic stress. LecRK-b2 loss-of-function ation slightly reduced the ABA sensitivity during seed germination, and this reduced sensitivity was demonstrated not due to lower ABA accumulation level in the seeds. Dual-luciferase transient expression assay confirmed that the transcription factor ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE3 (ABI3) could activate the luciferase under driving of LecRK-b2 promoter. LecRK-b2 transcription level was found to be down-regulated in abi3 during seed germination. Furthermore, LecRK-b2 loss-of-function mutation reduced the salt and osmotic sensitivity during early development stage of Arabidopsis. Taken together, these results suggest that LecRK-b2 functions as a positive regulator of the ABA response during the seed germination and is involved in salt and osmotic stress response in the early development stage.

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Source:J. Plant Biol      by Keqin Deng & Qiming Wang & Jianxin Zeng &Xinhong Guo & Xiaoying Zhao & Dongying Tang &Xuanming Liu
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