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Gene name Organism Protein name Available products Remark Cat..
Pyy Mouse Peptide YY 1067m
PYY Pig Peptide YY 1067p
PYY Chicken Peptide YY-like 1067c
PYY Human Peptide YY 1067h
PYY Dog Peptide YY 1067d
PYY Rabbit Peptide YY
PYY Bovine Peptide YY 1067b
Pyy Rat Peptide YY 1067r
Yy1 (Ucrbp) Mouse Transcriptional repressor protein YY1 11942m
YY1 (INO80S) Human Transcriptional repressor protein YY1 11942h
YIF1B (PP4519,UNQ3073/PRO9905) Human Protein YIF1B 15029h
Yif1b Rat Protein YIF1B 15029r
Yif1b Mouse Protein YIF1B 15029m
YAP1 (YAP65) Human Yorkie homolog 15210h
YAP1 (YAP65) Chicken Yorkie homolog 15210c
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